Santa CAV Aguadas

Protection and Valuation of the Wild Fauna seized from illegal trafficking

In Progress
Starting date
First Semester 2023
Place of Development
Aguadas Caldas

Aguadas Caldas, the city of the mist, it's located north of the Department of Caldas, will have a Bird Sanctuary and a Wildlife Assessment and Care Center – CAV, for the recovery and rehabilitation of birds seized from illegal trafficking.

Why and How


  • There has been a 25% increase in the illegal trade of wildlife species in Colombia.
  • There is a shortage of care and valuation centers for fauna seized from illegal trafficking.
  • Northern Caldas is a strategic point for Colombia's diversity and many endemic species.


  • It will support reforestation and watershed restoration processes.
  • It will create spaces for the protection and study of birds.
  • It will monitor and carry out studies on the biodiversity of northern Caldas.
  • It will create ecological groups to work on awareness of climate change.

Impact of the project

  • Achieves through comprehensive environmental management, the development of the community of Aguadas, its economic growth, protection, and conservation of the local and regional environment.
  • It contributes to the solution of the deficit in the country of infrastructure suitable to develop processes of care and valuation of birds after the process of confiscation, rescue, and seizure due to illegal trafficking.
  • Design strategies in favor of environmental conservation, supporting the sustainable use of natural resources and generating economic benefits in a sustainable development model. Positioning Colombia as an international reference in the protection and conservation of wildlife and their natural habitats.
Focus Area
Status of the Project

In Process

Starting Date

First Semestre 2023

End Date




Place of Development

Aguadas Caldas

project objective

Build a Bird Sanctuary, as a center for attention and assessment of wildlife – CAV(CAA), especially to welcome birds rescued from illegal trafficking, as well as a natural space for migratory and endemic birds, a classroom for environmental education and research, training on issues related to biodiversity and management of national and international projects, giving preference to groups and sectors of communities at risk of exclusion.

Description of the Project

SANTA CAV- Aguadas will be a center for developing programs related to biodiversity in the fight against climate change, laying the foundations for the training and awareness of the local community in sustainability and environmental development. It also has a Wildlife Assessment and Care Center that will support the reception centers of the country’s different environmental authorities that do not have sufficient infrastructure to cover the number of species seized from illegal trafficking.

Focus Area

Ecotourism – scientific tourism – Environmental Education – Research – Environment

Development Plan

Having into consideration the required needs from the  CAV the following points are established:

  1. General data of the project
  2. General members of the project
  3. Justification of the project
  4. Beneficts of the project
  5. Description of the project
  6. Logic of the operation
  7. Follow-up and control mechanisms
  8. Finantial analisi
  9. Marketing
  10. Audience addressed
  11. Broadcast media
  12. Viability plan
  13. Project closure


The “SANTA CAV- Aguadas” Bird Sanctuary focuses its work on the following lines of action:

  • Environmental education:
    Environmental awareness and education campaigns will be developed aimed at the public visiting the SANTA CAV-Aguadas, and in particular at the local community.

  • Rescue and assessment of wildlife:
    Through the CAV, a point of protection and care will be established for wildlife recovered from illegal trafficking, thus allowing them to be valued as pertinent to their characteristics, habits, and behaviors and then be returned to their respective niches.

  • Resignification of natural and cultural heritage:
    SANTA – CAV Aguadas will complement the relationship that the Aguadeña population has with respect to the natural-cultural heritage, giving a new meaning to the municipality as an optimal place for collaboration and social growth.

  • Biodiversity monitoring:
    SANTA – CAV Aguadas will allow establishing and modeling of the factors that surround biodiversity and how these are involved in the development of species, supporting the importance of caring for and protecting them.