Puppets in Aguadas

Puppets in environmental education


State of Project
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Aguadas - Caldas

Awaq in Aguadas 2022 has a positive impact on the community by promoting puppet theater

  • Children have suffered the structural inequalities of Colombian society directly. Social segregation during early childhood and childhood is decisive for the continuity of social inequalities. On the other hand, in the municipality of Aguadas, the water resources and biodiversity have very high and high-risk values, according to research carried out by Corpocaldas, the region’s máximum environmental authority, which manages the environment and the renewable natural resources, and tends towards its sustainable development. That shows a disheartening scene, in which the current Aguadas community is not guaranteeing a natural atmosphere that sustains future generations. With the aim of fostering puppets theater as an easing medium for the understanding of the environment and biodiversity-related topics and the importance of generating positive attitude changes towards our corresponsibility in the deterioration of eco-systems and loss of biodiversity, Awaq carried out a first pilot project based on culture and the environment, the First Puppets International Meeting on Biodiversity “AWAQ IN AGUADAS 2022”, mainly carried out in the countryside in Aguadas.

Project’s impact

  • Awaq in Aguadas 2022 achieved a positive impact on the community, as for the first time the municipality held an international puppets festival, where professional puppets theater artists shared with children and adults not only from the urban zone, but also visited different schools of the rural zone in the municipality, reaching places which are hard to access. The artists shared their stories full of magic, colour, and music, but especially respectful messages to our planet. Each one of the associations shared with the community a puppets week devoted to biodiversity care and protection.
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State of Project


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Place of Development

Aguadas – Caldas

Aimed Sector

Cultural – Environmental – Educative

General objective

To carry out the FIRST PUPPET SHOW INTERNATIONAL MEETING “AWAQ IN AGAUDAS” 2022 IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF Aguadas-Caldas, with the aim of promoting the formation of audiences and raising citizens’ awareness for the cultural development and he preservation of the environment.

Project's description

The FIRST PUPPETS INTERNATIONAL MEETING “AWAQ IN AGUADAS 2022” was developed as a cultural and artistic space, addressed to children and young people from the municipality of Aguadas-Caldas, which sought to generate an environmentalist culture as part of the environmental dimension and essential principle of coexistence and democratization of goods and cultural and artistic services, towards the construction of sustainable societies (“To think globally, to act locally”).

The activities carried out during the meeting had the purpose to promote the formation of an audience, thus raising citizens’ awareness of cultural development and environment preservation, focused on making relevant environmental topics visible. Climate change is one of the most referred to aspects, but fauna or natural resources exploitation are also some of the highlighted points to consider in the productions of the theater companies who took part in the meeting.

With this initiative which deals with rural theater itinerancy, it is intended to decentralize theater shows from conventional theater halls in big cities, searching not only an audience formation in rural areas but also giving support to puppet show artists, both regional and national, who due to the bio sanitary emergency caused by Covid 19 have been affected both economically and professionally as lacking spaces to spread their artistic works.

As a chain effect, when providing a hall in a rural zone, tourism and nature are boosted, as it is possible for the different audiences, especially the city ones, to go to the countryside to enjoy cultural programs and interact with rural surroundings, which results not only in cultural development but also an economic one for the artists and rural zones.

Development plan

The FIRST PUPPET SHOW INTERNATIONAL MEETING “AWAQ IN AGUADAS” 2022 was developed following these steps:

  1. Alliances management
  2. Call, spread and registration for the meeting
  3. Design and publication on advertising media
  4. Spreading process
  5. Registration process
  6. Selection and evaluation process
  7. Development of the Meeting’s programme
  8. Meeting’s closure.


Caldas is a diverse and multicultural department, stuck to its traditions and beliefs, which gathers the biggest number of municipalities in the Coffee Region’s Cultural Landscape. However, the rural population in Northern Caldas, as well as a great number of the inhabitants of the department’s lanes, have it difficult to access both education and culture, as well as connectivity and technology, due to the state of the tertiary pathways that lead from urban areas to the different lanes where a significant percentage of the local population lives.

The development of the project AWAQ IN AGUADAS 2022 showed the existing need for decentralising the cultural offer, which is concentrated in cities, making it possible for rural areas to access a high-quality cultural and artistic offer, and also to overcome the cultural gap that exists because of their isolation within the national territory due to a precarious infrastructure.


Aguadas Mayor’s Office

Official guarantor for the development of the different activities within the Meeting in Aguadas, as well as a direct mediator with the community to bring the Meeting to the municipality.

The Hatch Theater and Puppets

a Professional puppet show company, which works in favor of human ecology, thus providing spaces of transformation around environmental matters, using theater as an awareness-raising tool.


a savings and credit cooperative that, through cooperativism, supports the projects of peasants and inhabitants of different municipalities in Colombia.

Club Deportivo Shingitai of Aguadas

which has been working for more than 35 years committed to the children’s and young people’s sports development.