Who we are

NGDO - International Cooperation

We are Awaq Biological Stations, a driving force in the conservation of ecosystems and the socio-economic development of communities and their territories.



José S Serna – PMP@PMI



We specialize in partnering with corporations and the public sector to ensure long-term environmental sustainability. Our expertise in habitat restoration and scientific monitoring enables us to provide effective and customized solutions that preserve biodiversity, promote ecological balance, and meet the specific needs of both corporate and public sector organizations.


Team members

Empowering global impact through conservation and knowledge-sharing, our team is deeply committed to making a positive difference in the world.

With unwavering dedication, we catalyze the conservation of ecosystems, working with corporations, the public sector, and promoting new stations.


Awaq Campus Internship

Soon you will be able to do your university internship in any field related to the biodiversity of the remarkable landscapes of the EB -Aguadas.

Join us


Join the global movement for conservation and become a catalyst for positive change. Partner with Awaq Biological Stations to protect and restore ecosystems, making a lasting impact on our planet. Together, we can create a sustainable future and preserve the beauty of our natural world for generations to come. Join us today and be part of the transformation.




You can see the impact of our work, know in detail the use of our resources and find out about our execution and supervision mechanisms. We put all the information at your disposal here.