Puppets in Aguadas

Puppets in environmental education


From April 23 to 30

State of Project
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Place of development
Aguadas - Caldas

Awaq in Aguadas has a positive impact on the community by promoting puppet theater

  • There is a cultural vacuum in rural areas due to the limited artistic offerings and the lack of roads to reach communities in remote areas.
  • Insufficient environmental education and ownership programs aimed at children.
  • ​We promote the circulation of puppet plays in rural areas that allow the community to have access to quality artistic products.​ ​
  • Through theatrical stories, we sensitize children to the importance of caring for and protecting the environment, generating a sense of belonging to their local biodiversity.
  • ​ We involve teachers from educational institutions who obtain playful tools to transmit environmental education in their classrooms.

Project’s impact

  • The first version of Awaq in Aguadas had a positive impact on the community, for the first time the municipality had an international puppet festival, where professional puppet theater artists shared with children and adults not only in the urban area, but also toured different colleges and schools in the rural area of the municipality, reaching places of difficult access, enhancing cultural tourism in the municipality.
  • The artists shared their stories full of magic, color, music, but above all with messages of respect for our planet. Each group shared with the community a week of puppets dedicated to the care and protection of biodiversity.
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State of Project


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Place of Development

Aguadas – Caldas

Aimed Sector

Cultural – Ambiental – Educativo

General objective

To carry out the II International Puppetry Encounter on Biodiversity “AWAQ EN AGUADAS” 2023

in the municipality of Aguadas-Caldas, in order to promote the formation of audiences that generate citizen awareness for cultural development and environmental preservation.

Project's description

The Puppet Encounter “Awaq en Aguadas” is an artistic space that seeks to generate an environmental culture towards the construction of sustainable societies (“Think globally and act locally”). 

This project seeks to bring quality artistic events to rural communities, while supporting national and international puppet theater artists, who due to the pandemic have been affected economically and professionally by the lack of spaces for the circulation of their artistic works.

As a chain effect, by promoting theater in rural areas, cultural and nature tourism is boosted, since it makes it possible for different audiences to travel to the countryside to enjoy cultural programs, generating not only the cultural development of the territory, but also the economic development of the artists and the local community.

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Caldas is a diverse, multicultural department, attached to its traditions and beliefs, which gathers the largest number of municipalities of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, however, the rural population of the north of Caldas, as well as a large percentage of the rural inhabitants of the department, have difficulties to access both educational and cultural offerings, not to mention the connective and technological, due to the state of the tertiary roads leading from urban centers to the different villages where a significant percentage of the local population lives.

This project shows the need to decentralize the cultural offer, which is concentrated in the cities, making it possible for the rural territories to have access to a quality cultural and artistic offer, allowing to overcome the cultural gap that exists because they are isolated in the national territory thanks to a precarious infrastructure.

The Second International Meeting of Puppets on Biodiversity “AWAQ IN AGUADAS” will be held from April 23 to 30, 2023 in mixed modality: virtual and on-site, in the municipality of AguadasCaldas (Colombia).

Who can participate?​

“AWAQ IN AGUADAS” 2023 is a citizen and participatory event; its call is open and is aimed at professional puppet theater groups that prove a solvent and committed trajectory in the performing arts (maximum three members per group in the classroom mode) local, national and international, whose works address issues with environmental content.

Participation may be individual or collective.

How to participate?​

Groups and artists interested in participating in “AWAQ IN AGUADAS” 2023, you must send the following documentation to [email protected]:

  • Technical sheet of the proposed work (It can be downloaded from the website of the Encounter or requested at [email protected]).
  • Dossier of the participant or the group, with support of artistic trajectory in a single Pdf file.
  • YouTube link to a live presentation
  • Link to download five photographs of the work in excellent resolution.

Group selection

Proposals that have a coherent relationship with the thematic axis of “AWAQ IN AGUADAS” 2023, that are viable, solid, and relevant within the contexts in which they are framed, will be selected.

The call will remain open until 20 February 2023; no proposals will be received after the deadline.

Evaluation criteria

The jury, with full autonomy, will select the proposals considering the following criteria, and its decision will be final.

  • Works that address environmental issues
  • Staging
  • Aesthetic composition
  • Technical feasibility of production, realization, and transportation.
  • Relevance to the objectives and audience of the Encounter.
  • Quality of video, live recording, or digital execution for digital proposals.
Documents to download

Click on the boxes below to download the Rules of Participation and the Registration Form.


La Escotilla Theater and Puppets

Professional puppet theater company that works in favor of human ecology, promoting spaces of transformation around environmental issues, using theater as a sensitizing tool.

Aguadas Municipal Mayor's Office

Official endorsement for the development of the different activities of the Encounter in the municipality of Aguadas, as well as direct dialogue with the community to position the Encounter in the city.​

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