Biological Station Aguadas

Biodiversity Conservation and Research Center 

In Progress
Starting Date
First Semester 2023
Place of Development
Aguadas - Caldas

Aguadas Caldas located north of the Department of Caldas, Colombia will have a center for research and monitoring of local biodiversity, promoting the social, economic and environmental development of the region.

Why and How


  • After the field study carried out by Awaq in 2019 in Colombia, it was found that:
  • There are isolated projects with little or no formulation, management, and operational capacity.
  • There is a disarticulation between local organizations
  • The studies carried out on environmental issues do not remain in the territory
  • They have little training for non-inclusive projects
  • International scientific tourism in the region is null.
  • These factors provide the basis for creating a Biological Station that links and strengthens the relationship between the scientific community and local communities, promoting the development of tourist activities with greater scientific content.


  • The Aguadas Biological Station "EBA" will be a constant species monitoring center, which will have the capacity to collect detailed information on the natural environment of northern Caldas; providing important information to find solutions that lead to the conservation of the ecosystems of the region.
  • In turn, it will be a meeting and reference point for the community of Aguadas and its villages. Space dedicated to the investigation of biodiversity and scientific tourism, the management of projects and synergies that lead to the environmental, economic, and social development of the region.

Project Impact

  • The establishment of the Biological Station in Agudas – EBA entails an environmental transformation in the territory focused on research and appropriation of biodiversity, thus highlighting the importance of caring for and preserving natural resources in order to strengthen alliances and new technologies that achieve the necessary synergies for social, economic, environmental and research development in northern Caldas.
  • Social impact: Improvement of the socioeconomic conditions of the people and social groups of Aguadas, whose economic benefits will be reflected in local opportunities for generating income. The social, cultural, and intellectual fabric of the local population will be strengthened and rebuilt (sociocultural benefits)
  • Environmental impact: The Aguadas Biological Station "EBA" will be a constant species monitoring center, which will have the capacity to collect detailed information on the natural environment of northern Caldas; providing important information to find solutions that lead to the conservation of the region's ecosystems, positioning Aguadas as a reference municipality for the region and for the world in the fight against climate change, the protection of biodiversity, the construction of inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable communities.
  • Economic impact: The Biological Station - EBA becomes a claim that generates alternative economic models for society, with a new sustainable and competitive business model for the area and region. Among the sectors that will be directly and indirectly impacted are:
  • • Tourism • Hospitality and Restoration • commerce • Auxiliary Companies
Focus Area
Status of the Project

In Process

Starting date

Primer Semestre 2023

End date




Place of Development

Aguadas Caldas

project objective

Establish a Biological Station in the municipality of Aguadas Caldas, which promotes environmental sustainability through research and monitoring of biodiversity, developing action plans that strengthen and positively impact the flora and fauna of the region’s ecosystems, weaving alliances with the communities, generating social, cultural and economic benefits in the territory, following the mandates of the United Nations.

Description of the Project

It will be a center for research in conjunction with the entities and the community, allowing the fauna and flora of the region to be safeguarded, and providing real statistics to control how the species of the zone have been affected by the different evolutionary processes of the community.

Additionally, it will become a fundamental space for the training of ecologists, biologists, and related professionals; where many researchers or students from different backgrounds can meet to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences that provide valuable information that benefits local ecosystems.

Focus Area

 Environment – Research – Academic – Social.

Development Plan

Taking into account the needs for the development of the Biological station in Aguadas. EBA the following is established:

  1. Main data of the project
  2. General members of the project
  3. Justification of the project
  4. Profits
  5. Description of the project
  6. Methodology of the project
  7. Monitoring and control mechanism
  8. Finantial analysis
  9. Marketing
  10. Target group
  11. Broadcasting media
  12. Suitable plan
  13. Project closure


The Aguadas Biological Station “EBA” focuses its work on the following lines of action:

  1. Scientific Tourism: This will host researchers and institutions dedicated to promoting projects focused on the care and protection of endemic and migratory birds, regeneration of ecosystems, avoiding deforestation and forest degradation to mitigate the impact of climate change, contributing to the development and cohesion of communities promoting the competitiveness of the territory in an emerging economic activity in the country.
  2. Academic Tourism: This will offer academic programs (workshops, seminars, diplomas, internships, etc.) in alliance with Universities and Research Centers focused on the study of biodiversity, aimed at students from universities and national and international educational centers interested in these programs.
  3. Accessible and Specialized Tourism: This will promote and facilitate the access of people with reduced mobility to places to which they could not previously enjoy a natural environment, to which they are entitled.
  4. Cultural Tourism: Aguadas being declared a “Colombian Heritage Town” and part of the “Coffee Cultural Landscape” declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, becomes an attractive tourist destination for those who have a cultural motivation at the time scheduling their trip.



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